Rho [NS003] 2009 acoustic electronic
October Turncoat

mellow electronic / ambient / acoustic music. Rho is childhood friends Steve Setzepfandt and Josh Wittman. No-Source worked with Rho to curate the October Turncoat EP. October Turncoat sets out to show off Rho's more acoustic side. Each track contains washes of guitar complimented with subtle ambient texture. The EP often evokes the sounds of early Bibio or "The Campfire Headphase" era Boards of Canada. Three songs, Simpl, JW2 and The Game of Flowers are all taken from Rho's 2008 debut, "Breathing Through the Liquid System". The songs, Long Drive Home and Lightning Strikes and LEDs are taken from Rho's most recent album "Glass Memories". The EP contains one previously unreleased track, And More Rain, a 5 minute journey of backwards guitars, subtle picking, drums and end of a season.


01) Simpl
02) JW2
03) Long Drive Home
04) And More Rain
05) Lightning Strikes and LEDs
06) The Game of Flowers

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