Sekotis [NS014] 2010 indietronic idm
People In Grass Houses

Sekotis is British musician Tom Stokes. His album “People In Grass Houses” is full of melodic electronic music juxtaposed with layers of soothing, effect-drenched guitar and bass. Sometimes the guitars are so processed that the line between acoustic and electronics becomes blurred. The organic nature of “People In Grass Houses” is what sets Sekotis' music apart from others. Tracks such as “From A Grain Of Sound The Mountains Grow” and “Those Damn Tree Pixies” focus entirely on guitar, while the rest of the album leans heavily towards electronica. This isn't generic electronic production work, though; Sokotis is quoted as being influenced by Godflesh, Aphex Twin, Hella, and Lightning Bolt. The experimental rock and metal influences bring a great shoegazing quality to this music. The track “Black Sand” shines in this influence by building to a peaceful cascade of sound. At the same time, Tom's work includes some of the best features of electronic music. The whole album is reminiscent of Boom Bip, in particular “Littlefield.” “Abyss Harmony” is very much drenched in Aphex Twin influence, while “Concreate Wilderness”, with pulsing beats, sounds like an Underworld instrumental. “People In Grass Houses” is an ideal headspace album—equal parts shoegazing and ambient dance.


01) People In Grass Houses
02) Littlefield
03) From A Grain Of Sound The Mountains Grow
04) Black Sand
05) Those Damn Tree Pixies
06) Abyss Harmony
07) Concrete Wilderness

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