Stop Bullying – Indulge Your Senses Instead

By | October 28, 2017

London is full of people who have got their own idea of adult fun. When I first arrived in London, I thought that I wanted to work in a nursing home or something like that. Many of my other Polish friends came to London and found run of the mill jobs. But I ended up working for London escorts after a brief stint in a nursing home in North London. I have always enjoyed a little bit of fun, and in London you can indeed have some serious adult fun even if you don’t work for London escorts.

Back in Poland, bullying is still common places if you don’t happen to be more broadminded. When I first became of age, I realised that I felt differently about sex. It did not bother me if I was with a man or a woman. Some of the people my own age bullied me a bit and called me a pervert. I don’t think that I am a pervert at all, and working for London escorts has made me realise that. The girls I have met at the London escorts agency, are really open about things and that has made a huge difference.

Before I came to London, I am not sure that I really appreciated what my sexuality was all about. I saw my sexuality as a way of expressing myself and enjoying myself at the same time. That did not go down to well in Catholic Poland, and I was ever bullied by other more adult friends. I wanted something different in my life, so I decided to jump on the buss and move to London. When I found my gig with London escorts, I was so pleased. Working for London escorts has given me so much more than a good income and a nice place to love.

Now when I am not so busy at the London escorts service that I work for, I love to have time off to indulge my senses. I am not the only girl from our London escorts service to attend sex parties in London. At first it was a little bit strange but I soon started to get stuck in. Sometimes I bring a friend from London escorts and at other times. I just like to go myself to have some fun with boys and girls that I have met here in London. No one makes a big deal out of it being a sex party. To me, it is a really liberating experience to party in London with my friends from London escorts.

One thing is for sure, Polish escorts are very popular in London. At first I could not believe how many girls Polish girls who work as London escorts and do really well, Many of my Polish colleagues at London escorts are also victims of sexual bullying back in Poland. Now that they are in London, they are enjoying all of the things that they were bullied for in Poland. Even if there is no deal when it comes to Brexit, I think that I will do my utmost to stay in London. There is no way I am going back to Poland to get sexually bullied again.

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